How To Make Money With eBay

The first norm of personal finance is to earn more than you spend, so if you are planning to be financially stable, it is important that you save some money, whenever you can. But if your intention is to improve your bank balance, there is another side to this equation as well and that is making more money. One of the best way to make money is through the popular selling website eBay. In this article, we are going to share with you some tips and tricks for making money with eBay.

Start by selling anything – If you are new on eBay, start selling whatever you find lying around your home. You will be surprised to know what you can sell at a fair price on eBay, especially if you sell it separately. Let us assume your washing machine does not work anymore so you replaced it with a new one. You can almost make as much cash selling the parts off your old washing machine separately that with that you can get a new one with that money. There might be someone out there who doesn’t have enough money to get a new washing machine so to minimize the cost they buy the parts on eBay.

Open a store at eBay – If you want to run a successful business on eBay, then a store is very essential. There is no other way. There are so many advantages of having a store. Firstly, your store gets promoted on search engines which enable you to get much more traffic. Another advantage is that it gives you credibility automatically. People prefer ordering from someone who has a store and great feedback. Customers know that you have a reputation to protect and you take it very seriously. This implies that if something goes wrong, you will always stand by them until the issue is resolved. They feel more secure and protected which will empower you to charge more than other sellers, up to 15% more depending on the product that you are selling. If you are having hundred percent positive feedback with more than fifty feedbacks and a store, then it is advised that you go for 18%. You will still be preferred over others because of your positive feedback and store.

Find cheap things to sell – If you do not have a lot of cash to work with, take inspiration from the Freebie section in Craiglist. You can easily find curb alerts, free stuff and yard sale leftovers which you can sell at a cheap price on eBay. What really sells like hot cakes is clothes and garments. One of the best places to find things are yard sales. If you are lucky you might get good jeans under a dollar (provided you buy it in lot). You can sell this item on eBay for around $30. Do your research and keep your eyes peeled. In due time, you will learn of what goes for what amount.


These are some of the ways of making money with eBay. The most important thing is that you take it seriously as who knows, you might end up making a lot of money in this process.

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