Google Adwords vs. Social Ads

DEC. 23, 2020

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Which one should I use, Google AdWords or social ads? Which one is more effective? In which one should I invest?

Nowadays, there is a big debate regarding Google Adwords services and social ads services. There is a big debate towards the importance of these two forms of advertising, and also, towards the usefulness of each. Some people argue that Google AdWords are more effective, whereas, other people argue that social ads are more effective.

Our opinion is that both Google AdWords and social ads are very important. Both are more effective when they are used together, when they are integrated in the same campaign.

First of all, we are going to show you the benefits of both modalities of advertising and then we will explain how you can integrate both of them in your campaign.

Google Adwords

Google is not a social network, instead, it is search engine. However, Google can be sometimes regarded as a social network, as its users use the different applications that Google offers, such as Gmail, Google Calendars, or Drive. Moreover, Google owns YouTube, which is a social page in which users can interact with each other and react to content. So, Google and social networks are not so different.

The biggest advantage that Google brings is that everybody uses it. People from any age, sex, and region of the world can use Google. This is very important to take into account because anything you post on Google can reach many people (it could literally reach the whole world).

There are many ways in which you can introduce your ad in Google: you can introduce it in the results of the search bar, or you can even introduce your ad in any website. The possibilities that Google offers for advertising are immense, and that is why the use of Google AdWords can be so effective and beneficial for your organization.

Social Ads

The use of social networks has grown exponentially since 2009. The reason of this, is that there are many social networks, that are different between them, and that each adapts to the different tastes of different people. Nowadays, in 2020, the most popular social networks are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Each of these social networks are different, and they bring different opportunities.

Facebook has become the pillar for social ads, however, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, also have its own forms of social ads, and they are becoming bigger. 

The biggest benefit that social networks bring, is that their public is more specific, so, if an organization wants to reach a specific public, it will be easier through social media. That is why social ads are becoming so important, because they will be directly directed to the target audience of the organization.

Why Mix Google Adwords and Social ads?

According to the experts of Wordstream, when in a marketing campaign, results of different strategies are mixed, the results are better. A marketing campaign should be an integrated strategy, which means that different strategies should be used to reach the objectives of the organization, for it to be more effective. Google AdWords and social ads, both have the advantage that both of them can be adapted to any business, so any business can decide to integrate both strategies.

The main advantage of mixing the Google AdWords strategy and social ads strategy, is that you can get information from each of them that can be applied in the other strategy, making them stronger. Both, AdWords and social media are sources of information, and the information resulted from both campaigns can be very helpful. Moreover, this information serves as a very cheap market study. This means, that by using both, Google AdWords and social ads, you will get more information about your public, and as a consequence, your campaign will become more effective.

The next advantage that the combination of these two forms of advertising brings, is that you will be able to reach a bigger public, as you will reach different people through social media and through Google, getting a bigger public than if you used only one strategy.

With these tips, the idea that we want to transmit you, is that you should be always thinking about improving your marketing strategy. Do not focus in only one strategy, because as we have explained, sometimes the combination of two strategies works better than only using one alone. So, do not hesitate to combine the use of Google AdWords and social ads, and about always improving your marketing strategy!  

By Leyre Inigo Lazaro




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