RD Thomas Addy Award-Winning Design 2015


on Feb 22, 2016

RD Thomas Addy Award-Winning Design 2015

The year 2015 was an exciting one for us at RD Thomas. As an agency, we are always looking for new challenges–new problems to solve that involve each of us improving and developing different skills. This resulted in a compilation of fresh projects and creative abilities that made for some quite diverse additions to our portfolio. The Lubbock chapter of the American Advertising Federation seemed to agree; seventeen pieces of our work were deemed winners, which were announced at the Lubbock Advertising Awards ceremony, on February 20th. This includes nine gold and eight silver awards. Plus, we were honored to win Judges’ Choice and Best of Show in Broadcast. Check out the winners below, and click here to see more of our work.



West Texas Bold TV City Bank
Gold Addy Winner – Single Spot
Gold Addy Winner – Cinematography
Best of Show
Judges’ Choice
As our longest standing client rooted firmly in West Texas, City Bank has always been prominent in the communities in which they are involved. To kick off 2015, they wanted a general image commercial that showcased this message, centered around the people that make up West Texas.



RD Thomas Benchmark Aromatherapy Gift

Aromatherapy Gift Benchmark
Silver Addy Winner
To promote their automated supply shipping service, our team designed, packaged and shipped aromatherapy diffusers to select office managers. When the time was right, we then sent them an automatic refill to demonstrate the ease of Benchmark’s service. 


RD Thomas City Bank DCEO Print Ads

DCEO Magazine Ads City Bank
Gold Addy Winner
City Bank’s uptown Dallas branch highlighted their top loan officers in DCEO Magazine and the Dallas Business Journal. Our team worked with a Dallas photographer to create these strong visual full page ads. 


Visitor’s Guide Spreads Visit Lubbock
Gold Addy Winner
Every year, Visit Lubbock produces a visitor’s guide that includes all the ins and outs of interest in Lubbock. This year, they partnered with us to come up with the spreads that divided the main sections of the book.


RD Thomas givejoy
#givejoy Christmas Card RD Thomas
Gold Addy Winner
As we were brainstorming for our annual Christmas card, it was brought up that the aim should be to spread happiness all year round. Thus, the concept for #givejoy cards was born. Our Christmas greeting cards included four #givejoy action cards, directing the recipients to complete different tasks and pass the card on to another, creating a cycle that would continue to spread.



RD Thomas Benchmark PrintSmart Website
Website Benchmark
Silver Addy Winner
Our team carried out a complete overhaul of the Benchmark Business Solutions website. Our goal was to create an easy-to-use website that reflected the personality of the company. A main feature of the new build is a dedicated product page for Benchmark’s PrintSmart service; this page serves not only to inform consumers, but also as a selling tool for sales representatives.


RD Thomas City Bank Mobile App Ads
KCBD Mobile App Ads City Bank
Silver Addy Winner

City Bank was looking to utilize KCBD’s mobile app as more of a casual general image outlet. We succeeded in doing this with playful graphics depicting a more conversational, friendly side of the bank.


RD Thomas Advertising Blog
Blog RD Thomas
Silver Addy Winner

When our new website won a Silver Addy award in 2014, we knew that the next step would be a blog! The RD Thomas blog has been a great outlet allowing us to introduce new employees, provide free assets and advice, and show a bit of the inner workings of the agency.



RD Thomas Advertising T-Shirts
T-Shirt Designs RD Thomas
Silver Addy Winner
This year we designed a series of three shirts to use as giveaways for speaking events and prizes at the 2015 Business Expo.

RD Thomas Advertising Crate

There’s Nothing We Can’t Deliver Promo Crate RD Thomas
Gold Addy Winner

For years, our slogan has been “There’s really nothing we can’t deliver.” This year, we got the chance to bring the words to life with a promotional crate containing multiple RD Thomas materials. We custom built the lids to the crates, the six books were hand-sewn and die-cut and wrapped with bubble wrap. Everything in the crates was RD Thomas branded; the water, t-shirt, USB, buttons, pen, stress ball, etc. The finishing touch was a packing list attached to the outside of the crate, each individually signed by the RD Thomas employee that packed it.



RD Thomas City Bank Outdoor
RD Thomas City Bank Flex Form
RD Thomas City Bank Full Page

MasterCard Enhanced Benefits Campaign City Bank
Gold Addy Winner
With big new benefits available to City Bank MasterCard debit card holders, this campaign had to pack a punch in strong copy and bold graphics. 



RD Thomas Advertising Campaign
66 in 7 Campaign RD Thomas
Gold Addy Winner
This project involved the RD Thomas team of twenty people visiting 66 store locations in 7 days. Each person documented their travels by taking photos and uploading them to a dedicated Instagram account. The deliverable to the client included six informative road maps explaining the reason for the journey, along with refreshments, in a vintage suitcase.

RD Thomas Spanish Bit WebsiteRD Thomas Spanish Bit Campaign

Identity Spanish Bit Ranch
Silver Addy Winner

A horse and a natural color palette were all that was needed to generate the sensation of country living for this new neighborhood development.



RD Thomas Illustration
LCVB Free in Lubbock Spread Visit Lubbock
Silver Addy Winner
This Visit Lubbock Visitor’s Guide spread displayed the 5 must-see free things to do in Lubbock. We chose to use a hand-illustrated format, which made it feel a bit more friendly and editorial.



RD Thomas Visit Lubbock Photography
LCVB Art and Adventure Photo Visit Lubbock
Silver Addy Winner
For the Art & Adventure spread in the Visit Lubbock Visitor’s Guide, we needed a dramatic setting and lighting combination to show off four of our prized Lubbock performers.

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